Educational Institutions

A secure and reliable platform for educational institutions to
extend their reach and services.



Digitization of forms and processes

Digitization of paper documents and manual process.

Identity and document authenticity verification thru digital ID

Ensures security and protection of end-users from Identity Theft through the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) or the selfie process.

Digitization of ID cards with contact tracing integration

Digital IDs equipped with contact tracing

Digitization of certificates, transcript of records and diploma

Paperless documents which can be accessed anytime

Status update of service requests thru our notification system

Customizable status updates, alerts, announcements and promotions


Signatura conveniently offers queueing and scheduling systems, minimizing any delays or waiting periods.

Digital Signature

Affix your signature, anytime, anywhere with Signatura’s uniquely designed QR code-based digital signature.