Going Beyond

The Ordinary

As we are committed to provide ONLY the right tools, Signatura went beyond the ordinary or the predictable, and designed tools that simplifies the digital experience, allowing wider accessibility without compromising data security.

Having the Right Tools

Signatura simplifies the digital experience, promotes empowerment and efficiency, and assures great service improvement of any dynamic enterprise.


Easy navigation through a multitude of custom-fit services.

Digital ID

Ensures security and protection of end-users from Identity Theft through the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) or the selfie process.

Simplified Digital Workflow

Easy and hassle-free steps and processes.

Secured Cloud Storage

Highly secure cloud storage for important and sensitive corporate and/or personal records which can only be accessed with end-user’s consent.

Digital Docu- Wallet

A versatile virtual storage capable of safekeeping any important and highly confidential, for-your-eyes-only documents.

Digital Signature

Affix your signature, anytime, anywhere with Signatura’s uniquely designed QR code-based digital signature.

Contact Tracing

Signatura can be utilized as a tool in tracking and breaking chains of a viral transmission which can be helpful in protecting the business, customers/clients and entire communities.

Secured online payment

Signatura comes with an integrated payment system through our payment gateway partners.


Signatura conveniently offers queueing and scheduling systems, minimizing any delays or waiting periods.

Notification System

Customizable status updates, alerts, announcements, promotions with an integrated GPS service for roadside assistance.